Your house has been on the market for too long, and you are not getting the buyers.
This is a horror story and be prepared to read the truth; you will not get the buyers now. If a house is on sale for a long time, the buyers start getting suspicious that there should be something wrong with the house. They do not consider buying such houses even when it is available at affordable prices.

house for sale This can be your story, but you are not alone. Many sellers who do not hire a real estate agent suffer from this issue. When you identify the underlying problem, you can find out the solution. We are mentioning some of the reasons here which you need to find a remedy ASAP. Let us see what they are.

1. The house does not look good

Looks matter. Most of the people who fall in love with the house at the first sight, end up buying it. If you want to sell the house, invest in some renovations especially the lawn, bathroom and kitchen. Do not overspend on these things because the buyer would like to make arrangements according to his taste. You just have to make sure that the house appears beautiful without dust, stains, and cobwebs. Read more about the things that the modern buyers seek in the luxurious homes.

house good look

2. The pictures are not selling the house

No one likes to visit every house they see on the listings. It is possible for the buyers to see the pictures of houses on sale on the internet and then visiting a few shortlisted. This method is becoming extremely popular nowadays. Even when you are not listing your house online, you are hiring a broker who shows the pictures to the clients. These pictures decide whether your house would be sold or not.

It is crucial that you take many pictures of the house from different angles. Features all good spaces of your house. People like to see the pictures of the exterior, kitchen, master bedroom, living room, etc. You can also hire a professional photographer for this purpose. You can add some tags to the photographs to help the prospects understand the area better.

3. The house is not marketed well

What’s seen is sold. In this world of competition, you cannot expect a buyer to come to you just because they need it and you have it. You have to reach out to them. Just like the brands market their products, you need to advertise and sell your house. Discuss it with your friends and colleagues. Post pictures on the social media. You can make videos about your experience in the house. You can also make quality videos of the virtual tour of the house.

Organise the open houses and describe each corner of the house to the visitors. Hand out the flyers and the business cards to these visitors and give them a great experience to make the affirmative decision.

4. The selling price is not realistic

You are selling your ‘home’, and it must be difficult for you. You also want the best deal, and so, you set the price of the house high. Some people think that by setting the price high, they are giving the margin to the negotiations. This trick backfires badly sometimes. The buyers do not react positively to the high priced houses. Research the market and find out the right price according to the standards. To prove the worth of your house, highlight the neighbourhood, amenities, accessibility of the transport, schools, hospitals, etc. Do not set the price because your friend is selling his house at that price. Know the worth of your property and avoid the worst mistake of selling the house.

price is not realistic

You can list your property for sale online, just put yourselves in the place of the buyer. Think what he may be browsing. If you would not buy your house in the present condition and at mentioned price, why would anyone else?

If you have first-hand experience of selling a house, please comment below. You can also put any queries in the comments section below.

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