India is a country which believes the progress of the nation lies in the progress of women. In the ancient times, women lead the family and played an important part in the financial decisions. With the advancing times, women are now again becoming self-dependent. They are exploring the world, winning medals for the country, reaching heights and buying their own house. While there is a tradition in India that the house is registered under the name of the oldest female member of the house, but she never truly is the owner.

Govt. is now coming up with various plans to encourage the female home loan borrowers. As such, the position of the women in the country is going to be strengthened. Let us see the benefits enjoyed by the women in case of availing the home loans from the banks and other financial institutions.

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1. Women get the home loans at cheaper interest rates compared to men. This difference in the interest rate is very small (around 0.05%) but not negligible. Even a minute relaxation makes a huge difference in the monthly EMI to be paid. The home loans are in lakhs so the yearly savings are at least be in the tens of thousands.

2. To reap the benefits, a woman needs to be the only applicant, or the primary applicant if the loan is jointly owned by two people. The joint owner can be the husband; or father, mother or brother if the woman is unmarried. The woman should be financially solid and should have the ability to pay back. The husband-wife combination is the most preferable because it shows the stable future and potential to repay. However, the financial institutions get the assurances against any future disputes between the co-owners and may ask for the affidavits.

3. Women also get the relaxation in the stamp duty. It is the amount to be paid at the time of registration of the house. This varies from state to state and ranges from 2% to 8% of the actual value of the property. This is a huge amount and even a small relaxation is significant. One can avail this advantage only when the woman is the sole owner of the property or if it is jointly-owned, the other partner should also be a woman. This also varies with the states, so get the knowledge about the stamp duty relaxations before buying a property in any state.

4. It doesn’t end here. She also enjoys the tax benefits. When husband and wife jointly own a property, and separately claim the tax benefits, the savings just get doubled, provided the woman also has a separate income source.

5. Women are considered more credible as compared to men when it comes to paying back. They are the safe borrowers with a lower risk profile. So, the loan applications by a woman or by a woman joint owner are less likely to get rejected. Well, this is a not a rule laid down somewhere but women are considered more regular in paying back.

If you are a single woman trying to get by in the men’s world or you are just starting the new phase of your life, amend your credit score, get a home loan and buy your dream house. It is a matter of rejoicing, a way to celebrate freedom.

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