Despite the fact that there are more buyers than the builders, the real estate market is going through a tough phase. Sold and closed deals are hard to spot. The unsold inventory of the builders is increasing. The newly constructed projects are turning into the distressed properties. In this world of competition, these builders are forced to sell the properties at the unexpectedly low prices sometimes. So, there is a dire need for a method to sell the property at the right time and at the right deserving price. Auctions are such a powerful way to sell. The real estate auctions do not have a positive image in India. Many sellers hesitate in opting this option for selling their property worrying about the traditional tag that the A-word carries. Real estate auctions are very popular in many countries, in fact, it is a preferred way to move the property fast. The traditional method of selling didn’t guarantee the sale of the property. Sometimes the seller backs out and sometimes the buyer. Auctions are a better alternative to the traditional method of selling and fill all the gaps in between. This is the reason many real estate owners are accelerating the sale of their property using this more advantageous method. Auctions: A Ray of Hope in Today’s Troubled Real Estate Market If you have a property; whether affordable or luxury one, selling at the auctions is giving it the best chance it deserves. Auctions offer more control over the selling process. The bidding occurs in a small time window and the property is sold within a week. The online auction sites provide even more advantages on selling the property through auctions. The seller does not need to arrange for a place, no need to invest on the advertising on a personal level and an ample number of opportunities with the access to a large number of leads. The whole process is set up on the legal grounds and once taking part in the auctions, both the seller and the buyer are bound by the legal implications. The predetermined sales agreement makes both the parties comfortable to go ahead with the process. The online auctions are not a new concept in Jaipur but something big like real estate is one of a kind. This would revolutionise the way people think about auctions. Not only the property is listed on the site where it reaches to thousands of potential buyers, it is advertised well to increase the reach beyond. The more people know about the auction and show interest, the better bidding game becomes. The process is also fair and the property is sold without any disambiguation. If the sales volume of your stocked property is decreasing, the competitive bidding in the auctions is the most efficient technique you should turn to. We would not say that auctions have a hundred percent success in selling the property the first time, but the probability is certainly more than the traditional method of negotiations. If the property goes unsold in the auctions, one can list it again to reach to even more potential buyers. If the bidding does not reach to the price the seller was expecting, the auction organisers arrange a behind the curtain meeting of the seller with the highest bidder. The organisers know every play in the book to sell the property. The deal is sealed way early than the traditional selling. There are no negotiations either which is the best thing about selling at the auctions. Basically, where the reaches of traditional selling fails, advantages of online auctions start. We have come a long way to facilitate you with the selling of the house, put a step forward yourselves too. Contact us if you want to know anything about the auctions.

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