Real estate sector has a lot to offer to all the people who are looking for different housing and investment solutions. There is a right kind of house for all. Some people like the community living, while some like to live a grand life in a villa. For all those people who want to live a peaceful secluded life while living in a community, builder’s floors are the best option. Everyone has a different lifestyle and that demands a different living space. The trend of the builder’s floors is rising and home buyers are showing a great interest in the idea. Let us know more about the builder’s floors and then decide whether or not it is the right option for you.

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What is a builder’s floor?

A builder’s floor is a two or three storey building where each floor is developed for possession of a single family or individual. So, one family resides on each floor and the building is owned by two or three families.

This differs from the apartments that we see today, as there are three or four dwellings on each floor. The apartment building or the high rise apartments also generally have a large number of floors. The builder’s floors are designed as per the requirements of the owners, so, they cost high. The apartments offer a more affordable living to the owners. Since, the builder’s floors are owned by a few families, the amenities offered are also less as compared to what the modern apartments provide.

Why builder’s floor is a good option for you?

  •  The builder’s floors are the right choice for you if you want to live a luxurious life without having spent much on the villas. Since the dwellings are designed specially as per the requirements, one can get the dream house at the cost lesser than any luxurious villa.
  • The whole floor is occupied by a single family, thus, there is more security as compared to the apartments where you see many strangers coming in and going out of the building and passing by your door.
  • The builder’s floor is the best option for the friends who wish to live together but maintaining a privacy. There is no unnecessary disturbance either.
  • Each floor of the building gets separate maintenance charges and utility bills. This leaves no space for dispute among the families over splitting the bill.
  • Selling a builder’s floor is easier as the whole floor is disposed at a time and the returns are also better as compared to the apartments.

Why builder’s floor is not the right choice?

  • The first reason for not opting the builder’s floor is that it lacks the amenities that the apartment buildings offer. As only a few families share the apartment, the developers find it not necessary to build the community halls or the pools or the gyms.
  • In the builder’s floors, the maintenance activities are to be carried out by the owner himself, the builder does not take the responsibility as in the high-rise apartments.
  • Sometimes, if you are not going for the reputed builders, the quality of construction is not as expected. As the residence is built for a lesser number of people, the builders often do not pay much attention to every detail. One need to be on his toes to get the construction done as required.

Builder’s floors mean luxury while living in a community. Sky villas are a similar concept but the price gap is huge. You live with different people but they do not invade your privacy unintentionally. It all depends on your choices. At Own A Roof, we have a perfect house for all, visit us and find yours. You can contact us for any property query.

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