Possession delays have become the truth of reality sector in India. More than a half of the buyers have made a peace with the fact that the project in which they have invested would get delayed by at least a period of 6 months or a year. Even the reputed builders are unable to give the possession on time. The two primary reasons being the critical funds and the delay in getting proper permits from the authorities.

So, now when your flat is ready and the builder is at your door with the keys of your new house, should you take it? No, not without getting the completion certificate. With the rising competition in the real estate market, the builders are showing haste in giving the possession of the house. As such, sometimes, they are not getting the proper certificates from the Govt. The completion certificate is very important if you have just bought a house.
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What is a completion certification?

Whether it’s a residential property or the commercial one, get the completion certificate from the builder to avoid any legal complications. It is a confirmation from the concerned authorities that shows the property you have just bought has been made according to all the building norms. A builder needs to get the property verified from National Green Tribunal before giving the possession.

What does it mean?

It is not just a formality, someone from the authorities examines the building and approves whether or not the building is safe to live in. When the builder starts the project, he is given a no-objection certificate which means he is permitted to construct on the land. The completion certificate shows that the building has been made according to the guidelines of the Buildings Act and the plans are in compliance with the law.

It is not a ‘nice to have’ certificate, but a mandatory one that authorises the flats. Though, to live in, you also need the occupation certificate. For a buyer, this is not a delay but an advantage. When the experts themselves check all the safety features and the basic amenities supply like water, electricity, disposal system etc., there is nothing to worry about. If the building fails in the inspection, the possession is not given until the builder corrects the things. But that is a plus for the buyer. At least, he does not have to live within the four walls that is unfit to live.

What if the builder does not have the certificate?

Accepting the possession of the house without the certificate would be a mistake. It can be quite risky too. Not only there can be some underlying faults in the building that has been ignored by the developer but there are chances that the authorities push the buyers out of the house.

If due to any reason, the building is not getting the certificate from the local authorities, buyers can form a union and apply for the certificate at the municipal authority office. This union is called the Residents Welfare Association and it is good for every apartment building to have one and manage the matters of the group housing. The municipal authority reverts back within 2 months of the application after which the buyers can take the matter to the court.

The builders who are giving the phase-wise possession, are usually not providing the completion certificate for the time being but they can get the partial completion certificate. For more information about the buying a house in Jaipur, please contact us.

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