Homestays are becoming popular all over the world. The concept is new in India but it is sure here to stay. Simply, explained; homestays mean providing a temporary residence to the visitors in the homes just like in the hotels, but a less like a hotel.

The concept is to provide an authentic experience of the city to the tourists and travellers. The travellers from around the world would search for the real, in-depth knowledge of the city. Residing in the hotels would not give them the feel of the city that they are looking for. While the hotels are growing fast in the hospitality infrastructure of the country, homestays offer a much bright future to the theme houses. Also, the concept is going to fuel the tourism sector of the country.

Falts in Jaipur

Why tourists and travellers prefer homestays?

Local house, local food, local scenario and living with the local people; what’s not to like in a homestay. When the travellers stay at someone’s house, they get to be a part of the culture, they get the true flavours of the area and feel more connected as compared to the fabricated environment of the hotels. Also, the stay becomes cheaper as compared to the living in the hotel rooms. During the peak seasons, it is fairly impossible to find a room in the popular hotels and if there is, the rates are very high. The homestays come to the rescue for such spontaneous travellers who make the plan at the nick of the time; that too at the affordable prices.

Why should owners convert their houses into homestays?

You mean besides it being a great source of income, right? Homestays are one of a kind experience not only for the tourists but also for the locals. They meet people from different areas of the world and the best part is they do not have to go extra lengths to please these people. The owner and his family just have to be who they are. They just have to have the spirits of ATITHI DEVO BHAVA and give them a lifetime experience.

How do they differ from the hotels?

The hotels are built with the commercial purposes to earn the revenue from the hospitality extended to the travellers while the homestays are not the primary source of income for the homeowners. It is more targeted on offering the homely warmth to travellers.

The hotels, thus, need to spend a large amount on building the rooms and providing all the comforts to the travellers. They require a large investment while there is a little or no need for this investment in the homestays. They are just a room or part of the house which is extended to the travellers to live the life they themselves are living.

Thirdly, the hotels are a more suitable option for the people who are travelling for work while the homestays are for the individuals or the families looking to enjoy and have a timeout from their busy lives.

The homestays also have a location advantage, they are situated at the heart of the city or at the locations where there is a local crowd. The reach of the hotels at these places is not possible.

Does that mean the hotels are doomed?

While homestays at the flats in Jaipur would surely grow in India, we cannot say that they are much of a competition for the hotels. The primary reason is that the concept is in the infancy state right now. They are not so popular and there is no separate market for them. There is a little awareness about such homestays in the country, even the online presence is limited. So, hotels are not going anywhere anytime soon.

The Govt. needs to see the tourism driving potential of such Homestays. The unconventional tourists are more interested in such experience and that can be a perfect outlay to increase the tourism to India. We completely favour the homestays, what do you think?

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