Extravagance or necessity?
Well, different people have different opinions. For some people, home inspection is a way to ensure the best health of the house they are buying. For some, it is a bargain chip to negotiate the prices with the seller. There are others who think it is just a waste of money to hire a home inspector.

A Guide to Home Inspection

We believe that while you are making one of the biggest investment of your life, spending a few bucks for the assurance would not hurt. You can be saved from making a great mistake of buying a house which has gone bad from the foundation and the bones. So, what things you need to be inspecting in the flats for sale?

If you are doubling as the home inspector, here are some things that you need to put under the microscope.

1. The plumbing

This goes without saying that the plumbing is the most important part of the house. People who buy the old houses often find themselves struggling through the leaking faucet and the flush that does not work. Look for the proper disposal of the waste, drainage systems, and water pressure. The water stains on the wall or the moisture can lead to the rotting of the walls due to internal water leak.

2. Floor and the walls

Floor and the walls

The cracks in the walls can give away the poor condition of the foundation. Sometimes, the house looks well from the outside but the weak structure can make the walls crumble down soon. You can clean the house of the dirt, dust and cobwebs, but building it again from the grounds up is hell lot of a work. The moulds and bacteria in the corners also indicate that something is rotting inside the house. Check below the carpet as well.

3. Exterior

The interiors matter but so does the exterior. When you come out of home to go to the office, it should not feel like you are going through a pile of garbage or through the woods. The front yard and the backyard of the house should be well-maintained or at least has the scope to be saved. Your front yard is the first thing that any guest would see first, and you want this first impression to be a bang on, right?

4. Power outlets

Electricity is not something to be taken lightly. Sometimes, the wires are not grounded well and that can increase the risk of getting the shocks. Check the plugs and switches and how old they are. Get the main power box examined by the professional. See the accessibility of these switches. It is necessary that they are near the bed rests, place where you want to put the lamps and iron.

5. Doors, windows and cabinets

 Doors, windows and cabinets

Open and close the doors and windows. They are the ones protect you against any trespassing. The locks and latches should be working fine. If they are compromised anyhow, you are putting your family at a great risk. Check the cabinets that you will be getting along with the furniture. These cabinets should not have caught the termites.

6. Utility of the rooms

Okay, so there are three bedrooms in your new house and they all are of same space. They are located around the hall and there is none which can be your master bedroom. It is necessary to draw a rough plan of how you are going to use the house. A perfect house may not always be ideal for you. There are many flats in Mansarovar, Jaipur which have the floor plan online to give you the correct idea. Get a gist of the house and see if you can see a balanced future in the house.

If after the inspection, you have any doubts regarding the house, put it in the rear mirror of your car and do not hesitate to drive away. You do not want to compromise when you are spending a fortune on the house.
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