The housing solutions near the Highways mean affordability meets space. We can see a lot of builders initiating their projects near the highways. These houses are far from the busy city lives but they have their own disadvantages. There is a good connectivity but then there is annoying noise and vibration of the passing by traffic. Let us see what you have to keep in mind while buying a property near the highways.

1 BHK Flats in Jaipur

1. The more the distance from the highway the better

‘Near highway’ should not necessary mean at the edge of the road. When you go out for the house hunting or browse the properties on the online portal, look out for the ones which are at some distance from the highway. The price would be certainly cheaper as compared to the houses in the cities but the traffic and the truck horns can soon become a pain if you do not think thoroughly. It is better to avoid the highways that experience a heavy traffic. Some highways are also being proposed for the expansion and you can lose your house if you are not vigilant enough while buying the house.

2. Look for personal connectivity rather than highway connectivity

The highway connects the cities but that does not matter; when it is no way accessible to your workplace. You should get the public transport easily from the house. The location should suit your lifestyle. It should be closer to the schools of your kids, to hospitals, markets etc. If you are travelling long distances daily, the house would actually cost you much more than any luxury house in the city.

3. More passing by traffic means security risk

Clearly, if the house is at the place where there is a lot of foot traffic and the automobile traffic, the safety and security become the prime concern. It is necessary to look out for the best technological security gadgets; security cameras, guards, alarms, door locks pre-installed with the house. There should also be a police station in the vicinity so that you can run to them in the case of an emergency.

4. Know the future Govt. plans for the area

As mentioned before, to improve the infrastructure of the country Govt. lays out plans for such highways. The future is ascertained but you can get acquainted with the present proposed plans for the area to avoid any bad surprises. The continuous passing of the loading trucks puts a lot of pressure on the roads and the roads get damaged. Check with the developers about the same.

5. Seek the construction approvals from the developers

Not specifically limited to the houses on the highways, you should always ask for the approvals from the developers. The land should be undisputed and not illegally encroached by the owner. Before starting the project, the builder must have taken the permit from the Govt. and after the project is ready, it should be approved and verified.

6. The reach of the basic amenities

The highways offer connectivity but the basic amenities like electricity, water and network connectivity are quite unimpressive. While purchasing a house at such places, make sure that you will not be spending the rest of your days in the dark without electricity. Check for the clean water and good mobile network because our lives are doomed without the cellphone network, right?

Do not just buy the house at the highway because they are available at the cheaper prices. Get the expert’s opinion about it. Research the area and meet the developers often to know it all about the property. Also, such properties are very negotiable, be at the best of your negotiation skills. If you need any further assistance for finding a house in the real estate haven Jaipur, give us a call.

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