Everyone likes to travel, well most of us but nobody likes the traffic.
When we calculate the number of hours that we spend in a year travelling to work, that would just be an unbelievable disappointment. Now imagine what if we can save those hours. Not only the time would be saved, we do not have to bear the scorching Sun and the climate. Walk to work or school culture is better for the infrastructure of the city too. In the metro cities, the office going timings are the peak traffic timings too. These times in the morning and in the evening; leave the whole city roads chaotic. To avoid the delays reaching the office, many buyers are looking for the houses near their workplace.

Similarly, the parents are concerned about the security of their kids going and coming from schools, and as such, they want the apartments near the schools of their children. The house itself matters less if the workplace, schools, and hospitals are within easily accessible distance. Many prestigious builders are even coming up with their mega-budget projects which have the schools, medical facility and shopping centre on the campus. They would be like a mini city inside the city. Let us see why Jaipurites should also focus on the amenities near the house rather than the house itself.

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1. The time is saved and so does the working potential

The up and down from the office to home is the most tiresome task, more exhausting than the 9 to 5 work itself. This travelling consumes the time and stamina of the people who are using the public transport to get to the office. The calculation is simple and straight; workplace near the house, you go on foot and save a lot of time. Having the school near the house would give the children a confidence that they are not so far from the home. They can come back to the homey environment whenever they feel low. Parents also feel relaxed when the kids are in the school just around the corner.

2. No travel means no expenditure on fare or petrol

Whether you are using the public transport or fueling your own vehicle, it burns a hole in your pockets. There are no maintenance costs, no waiting for the buses and no bargaining with the auto rickshaws. For your kids, you do not have to hire someone to take to school. The money saved is money earned, after all. Make an investment today to save for tomorrow. Read some tips to buy your perfect house within budget.

3. Less traffic leads to less pollution

When there are fewer vehicles on the road, the traffic jam issues would be solved. The metro cities will become less polluted and it would be possible to go out even at the prime office hours. Less pollution simply means better healths of the people. Doing a little something for mother earth feels good, right? And who wouldn’t want their children to grow up in the fresh air?

4. Walking gives you a new fitness goal

When the office is near your home, you go there on foot. Walking is the best exercise and when you do it daily, you would actually get the maximum health benefits. When you are saving a lot of time commuting, you can easily invest some in exercising, moving around the house doing some household chores.

5. Less hectic day and the peace of mind

The time is saved, money is saved and you have better health. What else do you want? You just can do whatever you want to in the free time. You can also come home for lunch and thus, can escape the unhealthy habit of eating out. Spending more time with the family is the most precious gift that you can give to them and to yourselves.

No doubt living near the office and the school is highly advantageous. The time saved can be utilised in other productive work. There would be a better lifestyle and less stress. It would become easy to balance between the work and the family. We totally support the trend, what do you think?

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