Apartments are the best option to live in for many people. Some people like it because of the facilities top builders in Jaipur provide while some like it because it is cheaper to live in as compared to the individual houses. Many couples who have just put their first step forward to a new beginning, flats are the affordable housing solutions. Many families opt for living in the apartments till they save money for buying their own house, some live there because they simply love it.

Whatever may be your reason to go for an apartment, if it’s good, all is well. Now the only thing left to decide is which floor you are going to buy a flat. The peace-seekers can never find it on the ground floor, while the top floors of the apartment buildings are always costlier. They have their pros and cons.

Personally, we find living on the top floor fun and refreshing. Let us find out the reasons we are advocating living on the top floor of the building.

1. Peace

If you live an apartment yourselves or you watch ‘F.R.I.E.N.D.S.’, you know that people often have complaints about the foot stomps of the people living above. It almost appears as the people living on the upper floors are paid to walk as harder as they can. If you live on the top floor, you will face no such issues. The lower floors also suffer from a lot of noise from the foot traffic. People who don’t use the elevators and visitors who are seeking for the apartment of some relative often keep disturbing. Top floor saves you from all those noises. It makes you immune even from the noise of the vehicles passing by. No pets and no kids playing around.

Home At the Top Floor

2. Security

Since there will be fewer people just passing by, the top floors are more secure. People go through the lower floors to access the elevators, lobby, stairs. Many of such people like a plumber, electrician and repairman are unknown to you and threat to your security. The top floor gives you the isolation from all such people. Less possibility of thefts and more security.

3. View

The awesome view of the city from the top floors is the reason for their high prices. From the lower floors, you can see only the city traffic while from the top floor, you can see the clear sky, water, parks, mountain peaks, skyscrapers and what not. There is a quietness in the air which adds to the beauty of the view from the top floor of the building.

Top view on top Floor

4. Less pollution

Not only the noise pollution is less at the top floor, you are protected from the air pollution too. The air at the upper floors is less polluted. You get a fresh air to breath into and that makes the top floor the best place for your kids. You get the direct rays of the sun and can experience the dirt free rain from the balcony of the house.

5.Ample heat

Receiving the direct sunlight, top floors becomes a cosy place in the winters. Also, we know that the hot air rises and the top floor always gets the warmth of the hot air. Yes, during summer the game changes and you have to depend on the ACs but at least, your winters will not be as tough as they are.

The top floors have some disadvantages too. It is very complicated to move things in and out of the building if it is something that cannot fit the elevator. In the case of an emergency evacuation, the residents of the top floor are always the last to leave. The times when you are in a hurry and want to go out, living on the top floor is probably not to the best of your interests.
If you are not afraid of heights, get a house on the top floor of the building. You will (mostly) never regret it.

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