While in our youth, we all work hard to build our own roof, in the retirement, a rented house is a more feasible choice. If you are not closely attached to your house, and if it is not an inseparable part of your life, it is wise to sell it and move to a rented house. Leaving a house behind in the inheritance is every parent’s dream but to enjoy every bit of the retirement life, rented house are great. Your kids are doing fine and they can manage their lives without your home. It’s time to think about yourselves and live your golden years like never before. Enjoy the little moments of life you ignored nurturing your kids. Let us know what makes the rented house better than living in your own house after the retirement.

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1. Financial reasons: You can move to a rented house after selling your house, thus, saving a lot of money for the rainy days. One can easily find the houses on easy rent at the location of preference. Even if you do not want to live on rent, we would strongly suggest downsizing the house as per the requirements. It is too tough living in a luxurious villa or 5 bedroom house after retirement.

2. The relaxed cost of living: If you wanted to live close to the nature in the outskirts of the city, after retirement, you can fulfil your dream. Living outside the city also means less rent. The retirees do not have to go to the office, so there is no need to live in a house close to the commercial area or close to educational institutions. The cost of living falls down as you choose secondary locations.

3. Low maintenance: The small houses need less maintenance as compared to the large ones and if you are living on the rent, the landlord may be more than willing to budge in the maintenance for free or for some annual charge. If you own a house, the repairs are your responsibility but in the rented house, the lawn, appliances, security system may be managed by the landlord. Basically, outsourcing maintenance works becomes easier living on rent.

4. The preferred location: In the old age, you may want to meet new people and walk in the park with your partner, do not hold back now. It is the time to rent a house near the amenities you want. Choose a house which is closer to the health care facilities and recreational opportunities.

5. Near family: While retirement homes are the last option anyone picks, you can enjoy the togetherness with the family by renting a house near their home. You would not become a liability for them while they can visit you easily in the free time.

6. Flexibility to explore: If you want to explore different locations and lifestyles, rent a house and live freely. When you own a house, travelling becomes tough and you get hitched to your house. Rented house means freedom, to realise your deepest serious travelling desires.

So, be young at heart and live a great life in a rented house. You have done enough thinking about the future, halt and live in the beautiful present now.

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