Sometimes the product is good while sometimes, the marketing is.
We all are often guided by the advertisements that we see on print and electronic media. The sales of the product greatly depend on how effectively it targets the right audience. Real estate is considered as a boring niche for the social media and yet the advertisements are the main source of getting the leads. They affect the buying decision of the majority of property seekers.

Digital marketing has grown to approx. 30% of the total marketing funds of a brand. The advertisements are, no doubt, beneficial for both the marketer and the buyer. The buyer gets to know about the products available in the market and the marketer can reach to the potential customers. The advertising is a tough task and needs a lot of brainstorming. One need to know the requirements and mindset of the buyer to sell. The trick is to expose the human self of the brand to the buyer with which they can relate and feel belonging.

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The modern buyers are more acceptable to what they see online and their feedback helps the marketers to do better with the time. So where’s the issue? We are asked not to believe everything that we see in the ads. The false advertisements are the reason many people do not get their dream home and end up buying a wrong one. The false information may be anything like wrong carpet area, discounts on the raised prices, inferior quality of the apartments etc.

The Govt. understands the need of an individual of buying the right house, hence, several laws have been laid down to protect the buyers against the misleading marketing. Let us see how the Indian Govt. is planning to safeguards the interests of the consumers.

1. To control the false propaganda

To control the quality of the construction and construction materials, the Bureau of Indian Standards penalises the brand that uses fake IS mark on their inferior products. The IS mark shows the products is according to the standards and fit to use. If any developer is found using the lower quality products, they can get a huge fine accompanied by the imprisonment sentence.

2. To control shady investments

Real estate is the best investment but most of the newbie investors do not know the correct way to do it. They do not know the legal implications related to it. A lot can go wrong if the process is not well-thought. Real Estate Act protects the buyer and advice to buy a property only after the owner shows all the requisite certificates. Only after a representative of the authority inspects the property, he issues the certificate. RERA safeguards the buyer against frauds during the property transaction.

3. Grievance redressal

If the buyers are not satisfied with the quality of the property delivered by the builder, they can file a complaint under the Consumer Protection Act. They can approach National Consumer Redressal Commission or District Consumer Forum. The penalty for the proved nuisance can be up to 5 years of imprisonment and a heavy fine. If the consumer has been cheated by the misleading ads, Advertisement Standards Council of India resolves the issues. The complaint can also be registered online as per GAMA Grievances Against Misleading Advertisements.

While the advertisements are the best way to sell and buy the right thing, they can be quite manipulative too. The buyer needs to keep his eyes and ears open and think twice before making any decision. They must know their rights and file a complaint in the case of any inconveniences caused.

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