It is clearly the buyer’s market today.
The developers are coming up with the housing solutions that have much demand in the market. The buyers decide what they want and at what prices. The affordable housing units are absorbed faster in the Indian real estate market but that does not mean the villas and luxurious houses are not in a rave. They have their own unique audience, the admirers who know exactly what they want.

While we think of the word luxury, what comes in the mind? Big spaces, beautiful interior and yes, for some people, luxury means a lot of food but we are not talking about that today. Let us see what the modern luxurious home buyers are seeking in the houses.

Luxury Apartments In Jaipur

1. The automated system and the gadgets just like they show in the movies

We all are intimidated by the automatic lights that turn on when the visibility in the room goes down a certain level or the universal remote that controls all the gadgets in the house. Those things which were only for the movies are now possible in the reality and the buyers demand that. The home theatres, security cameras, temperature control, light intensity control, all of these are a part of the modern luxurious houses. The premium developers are providing all these comforts of easy lifestyle to the buyers.

2. The interior that speaks the ‘label’ a.k.a. the branded houses

Branded clothes or footwear are Okay but the buyers now want the branded houses too. Firstly, it should be a project of the well-known builder of the country, then the architect, interior designer, all should be the top-notch personalities. The buyers want everything from a rug to the chandelier designed and handled by the professionals just like the celebrities do. And there is also a high demand of the houses previously owned by the celebrities too.

3. When the villa meets the penthouse

Villas means the grand house with all the amenities that belongs to only you and the penthouse is the top floor of the apartment which makes you feel like a king. When both of these concepts meet, the sky villas become the trend. They consist of the grand villas of two to three floors with a penthouse at the top. You share the villa with some people but all the premium amenities are only accessible to you. You have your own space, yet you are a part of a community. You have advanced security and affluent interior, basically, you get the feeling of having the best room in the house.

4. There is a thing called luxury within budget

Affordable luxury is actually a thing nowadays. The larger spaces are available at the low costs. The people with a limited budget in hand are provided with the luxurious living, large spaces and all the modern amenities that makes the life comfortable. Such houses are built on the outskirts but are connected with the city. The location of the houses is such that the price of ownership is less. It is for all the people who want to experience the lavish lifestyle and upgrade their status in the society.

5. After theme based events, theme based houses are in trend

What does it feel like to live underwater? Why imagine when you can live it? The theme based luxurious houses are becoming very popular. Yes, the underwater theme was a little over the board but the general popular themes are architectural styles of western countries. These houses give the buyers an exotic feeling and become the holiday destination easily without actually travelling to another city.

One thing is constant in the real estate market and that is change. It is not something that can be read whole night and you become an expert. You need to be updated with the advancements. If you are buying a luxurious house in the city, know the trends. You want the best for your money and the outdated things can never give you the happiness. Know what you want instead of settling to what you are getting. For any queries related to buying a villa, please contact us.

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