In the present times, the term ‘city’ is considered synonymous to traffic, crowd and pollution. While the idea of living in the heart of the city is intriguing but the fact is the closer you live to the workspace in the city, the more you struggle to reach on time. The city traffic does not allow you get the ‘employee of the year’ award. Living on the outskirts is a much better option and there is a less traffic on the route. Traffic is not the only reason many people are shifting to the peripherals of the city. Let us know what are these arguments in the favour of owning a house outside the city.

1 BHK Flats in Jaipur

1. Quality is superficial, affordability matters

Luxury really does not matter for the largest section of the society. They want four walls and a roof to go back to after 9 to 5 job. It does not matter for most of them if their house does not stand right on their definition of ‘perfection’. The comfort of living is replaced by the number game or rather, money game. The cheaper the house, the better it is. The houses on the outskirts are cheaper and it is easy to buy own house at such places as compared to the city. As such, the buyers are making serious choices of opting affordability over convenience.

2. The infrastructure of the city is declining

The city houses have grown old and the same can be said for the infrastructure. Govt. is investing in the beautification and the preservation of the Pink City Jaipur but the foundation of the city is crumbling. The traffic and the pollution are at the apex. Most of us do not like to travel to the Char Diwari because of the long traffic jams. Hence, buying an apartment in the peripherals of the city is a much better option. The developers are coming up with the projects at the right locations which are not at much distance from the city but away from the stressed lives.

3. The modern houses have all amenities and are connected well

One more reason for buying the affordable houses in the outskirts is that they have all the basic facilities that any homebuyer looks for. They are not in the mid of the city but well-connected with all the prime locations. Many schools, colleges, hospitals, shopping centres are being developed around the area to facilitate the residents and inspire the home seekers. They provide a better lifestyle to the residents.

4. They offer parking space, period.

The biggest headache for the people living in the cities after the traffic is the lack of parking space. They do not have the luxury of parking their cars in front of the houses and they certainly do not have porches. As such, they seek the parking grounds which are at a distance from the home and have to pay the fee too. The apartments at the outskirts have separate parking space and some of them offer the guest parking too. This reason alone is big enough to own a house in the suburbs.

5. Away from the city hustle but close to city life

These areas offer the best of both the worlds. There is serenity of the outsides and the amenities of a city. The ready-to-move units are in rave and because they are easy to manage, easy on efforts and easy on the pocket too. When you can get all the positives of the city minus the negative aspects, why wouldn’t you choose it?

Firstly, there is no land in the city to build an apartment on, so one cannot find the looks and the audacity in the city as the modern homebuyers seek. With the growing technology and the increasing demands of the affordable homes, many builders are investing in such areas. The houses for the nuclear families sell fast. Hence, homebuyers are going for compact and affordable.

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