What’s in the name?
We all have heard it, yet we all know that the name matters. It is an identity, it means existence. When it comes to the real estate, the name of the project holds an important place too. The buyers are initially attracted by the fancy names of the apartment buildings. There is a cutting-edge competition among the developers to name their projects better. Fancy English names are in trend as compared to the Indian names. The tags like SADAN or BHAVAN are disappearing from the nameplates. It is our general tendency as a buyer that we are more affected by the foreign names and hence, the builders are preferring naming their projects on European names that sound exotic and give that vacation like feeling to the buyers. They are keeping the names under the wraps till they file the copyright. So, there is a lot in the name than they are accredited.
Let us see what are the naming trends that can be seen in the latest projects from the developers.

Flats in Jaipur

1. Creative numbers in the names

Virat Kohli’s den ‘Worli 1973’ has a unique name and the concept behind it is even more interesting. 1973 appears like referring a year, may be establishment year of the builder’s firm and the project may be a tribute but it is not in fact. 1973 represents the longitudinal (19°) and latitudinal (73°) location of the project. Similarly, the project ‘three sixty west’ is named so because it is west facing building and it has a height of 360 meters. Again, Mumbai’s one more project ‘Avenue 54’ has adopted the number 54 from area pin code that ends with it. The builders are brainstorming much to name their project something meaningful that may give a unique identity.

2. Gist of exotic foreign locations

The theme-based luxury houses are being named mostly based on the vacationing locations. The names of the beaches are the favourites of the builders these days. ‘Paris’, ‘Miami’, ‘Kensington Garden’, and ‘Wellington Park’ are some names that caught our attention. They draw the similarity between the actual location and the project. The project named Kensington and Wellington after London’s famous spots are rich in greenery, hence named so. Such homes are certainly expensive but dream for every home-seeker. These names are well-researched and a lot of hard work is put into deciding the name such that it appear appealing and inviting to the buyers.

3. Flora names to add to the luxury

The flora based names were probably the first to emerge in the queue of creativity. On a different note, Indian flower names are highly popular among the real estate builders. Not only the name sounds great, these flowers and trees have a special place in the Indian community too. Godrej builders are biased to the flora and precious stone names, but they name their project mostly after the foreign flora. Not only the residential apartments, the developers are naming their entire township program on flowers like Camellias and Mayflower.

4. Architecture based names

As we discussed the foreign location based names, the real estate projects are also named for the architectural style that they are adopting. The french-styled apartments are named ‘Paris’ and similarly the ‘Twin Towers’ project is inspired by the architectural excellence by the same name. The project ‘Romano’ is called so because it carries the essence of Roman style of building. One more theme project in Delhi NCR is named ‘Fable Castle’ as it is laid on the fairy tales by Walt Disney. Imagine the luxury of living at the top floor of such apartments.

5. Redefining the Foreign adjectives

‘La Vida’. Sounds great, right? It is a Spanish word which means live life. The name already sounds refreshing and the meaning adds to the beauty of it. The Indian buyers are attracted to such the foreign sounding names. The ‘White Meadows’ in Bengaluru depicts the calmness of the pastoral grasslands. Some other names that have deeper meanings that the name itself are ‘Speedway Avenue’ and ‘Grand Stand’. Such are the result of the strategists of the marketing team of the builder groups.

Naming the projects like that, the builders are adding a global appeal to their projects. Such names are inviting more buyers as we generally associate the luxury and amenities with the name of the place. This naming competition is going to be a feud among the builders and they will work even harder to come up with a unique name that justifies their project.

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