Tier II city Jaipur is growing fast. The infrastructure is becoming better with the time passing. Jaipur has its own metro, international airport and the well-connected road transport. There are many posh locations with the best of amenities and many builders are coming up with the mega housing projects here.

Govt. has approved 100 smart cities and Jaipur is one of them. As it is moving to becoming one, the real estate sector would be revolutionised. Let us see what makes a city smart and how it would impact the realty market.

Real estate in Jaipur

1. Well-connected transport

The location is the most important factor that drives the real estate sales. A well-connected location with all the amenities at the walking distance is the real estate haven. Such apartments sell fast and at the price the developers ask. A smart city has the technological sound roads, robust traffic regulation system, environment-friendly private and public transport, wide roads, and real-time monitoring of the traffic. When the transport of the city is so perfect, more people would be interested in investing in a property there.

2. Digitisation

Real estate lacks transparency because the developers are not very open about their projects to the buyers. The smart cities mean all the information and documents would be digitised. The land approvals and property transaction records will be available in a digitised form which helps in better management. The present Govt. is also focusing on connecting people with the internet. When the data is available on the internet, the chances of frauds would be reduced. The consumers would be able to register the complaints online and the matter would be resolved in due time without them going to courts.

3. Technology-friendly

No doubt, the smart cities would be tech-friendly with access to the best of the communication systems and security systems. Not only the city, outskirts, and villages would also be technologically sound. The modern home buyers want all the facilities in their home, a smart city would offer them what they expect. Jaipur being a smart city would attract the interests of the home buyers who want the life of luxury. Well, not only the luxury sector, the affordable housing would also be integrated with the best of ‘smartness’.

4. Energy efficient

The proposed smart city plan also an emphasis on the need to use the renewable power sources like solar energy, thus saving the conventional energy. This would improve the quality of life and save the fuel for the future generations. The renewable sources are not harmful to the ecosystem too. This is exactly what the home buyers are seeking nowadays. They know their responsibilities towards the environment and ready to spend some extra on that.

5. Waste management and recycling

One more feature that the smart city would be donning is the top-notch waste disposal system with the inland sewage and waste recycling. The industrial and household waste would not be dumped on the roads and in the rivers. The waste can be processed and reused for other purposes. Like the houses are offering rainwater harvesting; the rainwater that goes wasted is collected and put to use.

So, Jaipur is the best city to invest in right now as the future of real estate here is great. If you want to browse the properties, explore at our website or download the app. You can also contact us for any information.

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