Numerology is a part of splendour Indian culture. And the real estate is not untouched with the ideology. Some numbers are auspicious while some are thought to be bringing the bad luck. 13 is such an unlucky number. Another number that has been deserted on the grounds of bringing misfortune is 8. If the total of the address of a property sums to 8 or 13, it is usually not the quickest one to sell. In fact, many real estate builders have witnessed these properties turning into distressed ones.

Numerology plagues Real Estate

If you are thinking that number 13 faces pessimistic outlook in India only, aware of the fact that it is not. The superstitions prevail around this number all across the globe. This number actually is considered bad in the western countries and knocked down India much later. There are many numbers which are considered inauspicious in different countries, but 13 seems to be the most popular one and acing the list. Many developers across the world are not naming the 13th floor as 13, they are often skipping to naming it to 14 or using 12B or M instead. Some airlines even skip having Row 13 in the in-flight seating like Jet Airways. While there are many others like Air India and Indigo which do not believe in such superstitions. China went to the extends to ban the number 13 from the vehicle registration number.

The metro cities are the pioneer of abandoning this number from the real estate. Many residential and commercial buildings do not support 13th floor, cabin number 13, room number 13, hall number 13, etc. Newly developed NRI projects relinquish the use of number 13 as these people are not any different than the resident Indians when it comes to the numerology and the superstitions. Many builders are following it like a trend, even when they do not believe it, they are not taking any risk of the property not selling. Anyhow, it is just a harmless act so why not adopt it anyway. Like Chandigarh has no sector 13, big deal!

When the buyers see the number, it becomes a major put off for them. They hesitate in buying such property and when they hate this number, so does the builders. 12A or 12B softens the edgy vibe that the number 13 gives.

Well, this is about the superstition, but there is a brighter side of the story.

This number 13 is an opportunity for all those buyers who have less budget in hand but aspire to buy a house in a nice residential building. Many people do not trust in the concept, they can be educated about the fact that the fate cannot be associated with a mere number. People are becoming experimental and using logic to buy a flat. The logic being the flats and the houses on the 13th floor or numbered thirteen are available at cheaper prices than rest of the flats in the building or houses in the area. It has been observed that the housing units associated with this number are sold for 3 to 4 lakhs lesser. Those are big numbers and for the home seekers, they matter.

We would suggest the buyers on a budget to explore the houses or flats with this number and bargain their way in. The sellers are in a gullible state and they would be ready to negotiate the price with you. Either think superstition or think profit. The choice is yours.
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