Rajasthan is the state of many told and untold stories. It marks as the birthplace of many legends that wrote their name in the history with the golden ink. They were the warriors, they were the survivors and most importantly; they were the protectors. But this state is not all about that. It is the land of magnificent architectures of the world. The Rajasthani design of architecture is an inspiration for the architects across the globe. The modern buildings often seem to be picking a thing or two from the vibrant construction styles of the state. Under the rule of various dynasties, Rajasthani architecture transformed and evolved to the modern form. A glimpse of all these styles can be seen in the traditional buildings with the dominance of the Mughal and Hindu structural excellence.
Let us take you through the elements of the Rajasthani architecture.

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1. Haveli:

The grandeur of the Rajasthani haveli can be compared with the palaces around the country. ‘Haveli’, a Persian word, means enclosed place. They were built by the native Marwaris and dated back around 1830 to 1930. They had an influence of the Mughal architecture. They were essentially be divided into two courtyards; one for the men and other for the women. The Haveli had the grand striking single front door.

2. Jaali and Jharokha:

As mentioned above, the women had a separate courtyard inside the Haveli and they were not accustomed to going out often for the sightseeing. The Jharokhas, which can be compared with the characteristics similar to a balcony, allowed them to take a peek outside without being getting noticed. They also added charm to the majestic architecture of the houses. There were two types of Jharokhas popular at that time. One is with the Chajja; an extended platform with the stone window and one without the chajjas i.e. on the wall as a window. The chajjas were the hangout places for the women where they used to spend the evenings talking and making pickles and spices.

3. Chhatri:

This is probably the most significant element that represents the Rajasthani architecture. The dome-shaped pavilions which were only the part of houses and Havelis of the affluents and the royal families, soon made a way to the common man houses. In the Shekhawati area of the state, these Chhatris were meant as the cremation grounds for the wealthy and well-known personalities. With the influence of the Mughal designs, these chhatris, which were simple a dome with four pillars, got their modern shape.

4. Bawdi:

Not an architectural feature of the homes of Rajasthan, this list would be incomplete without the mention of the bawdis of Rajasthan. The stairs lead to the pond or well (hence known as the step wells) from where the women used to fill the water in the pots for household use. They were built in the secluded places and some of them had the roof over them. The bawdis at the present time has transformed into the leisure spots. A city of Rajasthan; Bundi has around sixty bawdis.

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Rajasthani architecture is one of a kind. In spite of the influence of many cultures, there is still an underlying uniqueness. That is the reason why this state makes the list of ‘places to visit’ of the tourists travelling to India. With the changing times, Rajasthan also has got the modern buildings with the luxury and affordable housing solutions. The property in Jaipur is in much demand today. If you are looking for such a property, visit us and get the house of your dreams conveniently.

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