Everybody likes to own a luxurious home. It feels great to enter a fairy tale villa every time you return from work. But wait! Be practical. Are you really happy living in the big house? Isn’t there some problem? You are happy but not happy? As great as it sounds, living in the big houses is equally troublesome. Let us tell you some reasons why you should be considering moving to a smaller home for a happy life.

Top Reasons to Move to a Small House

1. Less space means less cleaning

The big houses are high on maintenance. You need to take a good care of the house and spend lavishly to maintain the standard. The dust and the cobwebs would not look good under the sofa or by the window panes. Many homemakers are troubled because they have to clean the house every day even what they are not using. Hiring a help for cleaning becomes quite expensive too. Less cleaning means you have to spend less on the cleaning products and to hire the house help.

2. It also means less need to decorate

The big houses have big spaces which demand the decoration. You can easily spend a lot on the unnecessary stuff; the stuff which actually does not add any value to the house. When you live in the small house, the most of the space is covered by the furniture. The small houses do not demand much, you only spend on the things that actually matter. Many people are keeping the decor of the small houses to a minimum and buy one item only to replace another and not to stack up. Small houses flaunt the minimal look well.

less need to decorate

3. Which results in more free time

Many women just consume themselves for the upkeep of the house. They do not have a personal life. Same old boring routine. Less decoration, less fixing, less organising and less cleaning mean you can have a little ‘me’ time. You can take a hobby, go out with friends, read a book, start gardening or anything that you have been ignoring because of the heavy cleaning of the house.

4. Of course, you save the money too

We have already established that small houses save you the money on the cleaning products. They also cut the energy bills. Such houses require less energy to cool, heat, and light up. Fewer things mean less wear and tear and lesser replacements. The cost of the insurance of the small houses is also less.

5. Isn’t it more secure?

If you are a movie buff, you must know that the big luxurious houses are always at the target of the burglars. On the other hand, small houses are safer. You can freely travel without worrying about the expensive things you are leaving behind. Moreover, the small houses are located in the vicinity of the city where you can trust on a friendly neighbour to keep an eye on the house in your absence.

small house more secure

6. It’s easy to find a small home in any locality

The big villas are located on the outskirts of the city which are far from work, school, parks etc. However, it is absolutely easy to find the small houses in the city where the malls, parks, schools, hospitals etc. are at the stone’s throw. Yes, the city life is busy and not as peaceful as the life in the big villas located remotely but to be on the pace with the world, living in the city is the best.

Leaving own house is always tough but knowing the current requirement of the house is important. Do not think that the small houses are for those who cannot afford the big houses. Smart people think smartly instead of showing off. What is your decision?

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