While many older homes have wonderful characteristics, they can easily turn into money pits if you do not scan certain areas of the home before buying.We advised you three important areas to observe before buying an older home:

The Plumbing and Piping   Bad plumbing and piping is one of the worst problems homeowners face when  they buy older homes. Plumbing that leaks causes harmful mold and destroys plaster and drywall, and leads to pipes corroding. The best way to check for plumbing/piping issues is to look for water stains or corrosion on the walls. You should pay close attention to the walls and backing in showers and wash basin. Any sign of moisture is a surefire sign that there are problems with the plumbing.

 Electrical Systems 

It is also critical for you to find out exactly since the electrical wiring is in the house. The majority of older homes still use the direct wiring without MCB (miniature circuit breakers ). This wiring poses a dangerous fire risk, especially in the attic where insulation often hides knob-and-tube wiring. Although the system probably works, it was not built to handle the amount of electricity consumers use today. When inspecting a home’s electrical system, the best place to find knob-and-tube wiring is in the kitchen and bedroom.

    The Roof When checking the roof/ceilings of an older house, it is vital to look for any type of laxity or water stain marks that look like little clouds spot. A roof that sags water-leak-ceiling-damage-thumbwith a parachute appearance is a sure sign that the roof is leaking. Water stain marks on the roof could signal that mold exists in the attic.

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