Confused?Or not!
You must have heard the fact that you don’t marry a person, you marry a family. Likewise, you don’t buy a house, you buy the neighbourhood. After buying the house, you have to cop up with whatever the neighbourhood presents to you. It becomes the identity of your house. Your perfect house may be standing right in the middle of debris of city garbage. Will you be all excited to purchase it then too?
Probably not!

Buy the Neighbourhood

A perfect house is not an individual standing, it comes with the neighbourhood. This is the reason why top builders in Jaipur focus on excellent neighbourhood before construction of apartments. Embrace it or deny it, the neighbourhood is yours now. Even if it is surrounded by the bushes of your height or it is near the railway track which shakes every time a train passes by; it is yours to bear. So, these are the things you can notice clearly and judge by a mere look. What about other things which are not visible at the first sight?
Let us tell you the foolproof way to scan the location you are getting into before actually buying the house.

1. The property maintenance

Your space speaks volume about you. The way you maintain your house is the reflection of your personality. To have a clear idea of the neighbourhood, see how well they have managed their home. It is to be noticed that many people do not consider preservation of the exterior as the interior of the house. So, ring some bells and try to peep in the neighbouring houses (certainly not in a creepy way). A well-maintained house in the weary neighbourhood does not sound like a catch. Does it?

property maintenance

2. Friendly neighbours

Neighbours are like the extended family members. These are the people who come for help before your kiths and kins. Bad neighbours can quickly become pain in the ass for you, at the same time, good neighbours can be the biggest blessing. Even when you are a little introvert and keep to yourselves, good neighbours can be a sign of assurance that all is well and will be. Walk by the neighbourhood at different times of the day for a week and see the behaviour of the neighbours. Watch out for the pets that poop here and there, the teenagers who party late night, the people with a criminal record in the past, etc. You cannot be too careful to investigate the neighbourhood.

3. Deserted or vacant buildings

Empty buildings can also put you off your dream house. The under construction houses can result in anything. You may not know when this deserted building near you is converted into the shopping mall. Everyone likes a mall near the house, but no one likes it beside their house. These kind of things reduce the resale value of the house with time too. Also, the vacant buildings becomes a home to the illegal and nefarious activities well before you know it.

4. Govt. plans for the area

Govt. plans for the area

After buying a farmhouse in the calm place, you get the news that Govt. is planning to build a highway nearby. What would be your reaction? All that traffic and the continuous nagging sound of the horns of the vehicles would make you regret your decision of buying. Get acquainted with the City plans about the area before finalising the property. A real estate broker can also tell you such things. Know more about the benefits of hiring a real estate broker.

5. Commercial and industrial units

Okay, you do not need to be a detective to know the presence of chemical factory or paper mill near the house but you cannot ignore it. You do not want the factory alarm to go off and disturb you every time you are having the evening tea with your family. The houses located near such establishments do not sell well too. So, if you are buying a property for the investment purposes, be careful not to have these less desirable institutes near your house.

Bad neighbourhood can make your dream a nightmare within the blink of an eye. Frequent fights with the neighbours, sarcastic comments from the guests and lack of peace can become the story of your life. You can be trapped in the house and may have to sell it at much lesser price to break free.

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