When in doubt, seek the professional help. Real Estate agents are such the experts you should hire while buying or selling a property. They know the market like the back of their hand and can guide you to the right direction. They know the difference between right and wrong without confusion. Hiring an agent always ensures the best in your favour. Let us see what makes an agent great.

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1. In-depth local knowledge

It is always better to hire a local agent than the most popular one in the city. The local agents are well-informed. They know the history of the property like whether or not it is haunted. On a serious note, most of the buyers do not have knowledge about what they are getting into before buying, agents have a responsibility to create a trust among the buyers. They should provide real insights to the buyers to help them gain the maximum. He should also be certified to be an agent.

2. Time driven

The longer you wait in the real estate, the more you lose. The agent should always act fast whether it’s selling or buying. For selling, he should be organising the open houses, reaching to the right prospects right away. For buying, he should understand your requirements and start scanning the desired properties. The faster he gets the work done, the credible he becomes.

3. Well-dressed; inside and outside

An agent should also look good. He should always be dressed well to show his commitment towards the work. A casually dressed agent can look lethargic. He should also be polite and no matter what the buyer/seller says, he should not lose his wits. Sometimes, people can be irritating but an agent should always be nice to them.

4. High reaches

He should also be well connected. Connections make the work done fast. The agents have a wide list of buyers and sellers. A good agent can identify the right buyer for the property fast. This is the reason you should contact the experienced agents, they just know their work well.

5. Confident but honest

Real estate is much about the looks. If the agents wear a confidence, they can help the impatient sellers and the anxious buyers. They should not be making false promises like selling the property overnight or for the double the actual value but at least, they offer some confidence to the employer that they have selected the right person for the job.

6. Knack of technology

He should also be a lover of technology. In today’s world, you can find everything on the internet, India is also moving online for finding the right property. Agents need to be tech savvy to provide instant answers. He should know current trends in the market and do not consider the technology as competition.

7. Answers phone

He should always be available for the clients, every time of the day. He should never switch off his phone. He must know the preferred way of communication of the clients. Some like to be called on the phone, some prefer emails while some like to talk personally face-to-face. Agent should reach out even when the clients are pulling back. He should have a proactive approach to crack the best deal every time.

8. Result-oriented

At last, the track record matters. He should have served many clients successfully. Ask for the testimonials and speak to some of the previous clients. If his previous clients are happy with the work, you can gain more trust in him.

So, you know what to look for an agent. Observe the red flags and do not make a mistake. Buying and selling real estate is a big decision.

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