Neighbourhood matters!
But we are just not talking about the people or the types of properties around. Neighbourhood is much more than the access to basic amenities like malls or hospitals. While your house is precious for you, the neighbourhood plays an important role in deciding the selling price of the house. There are some elements that you can adjust with but actually become a hindrance in selling a property at the right price. Here are some things that you need to avoid nearby to have a peaceful stay in your home.

1. Under-construction sites

There are two implications of living near the under-construction sites. Firstly, you never know what building stands near your house in no time. It can be a mall, a school or a bar. Be careful and investigate what the builder is planning to construct. The appreciation of your house greatly depends on your neighbourhood. Secondly, construction means noise, dust, water pollution which are harmful to your health especially for your kids. That just means trouble and hospital bills.

2. Marriage gardens and banquet halls

Who doesn’t like music? Think again! It is a headache to live near the banquet halls. The loud music at the night time, parking just outside your house, the traffic and strange people passing by your house. It is neither healthy nor secure to live near marriage gardens and banquet halls.

3. Railway tracks or Airport or Highways

It goes without saying that vehicle traffic can really be a pain. If you think that being stuck in traffic is bad, try living in the house near highways. The noise around the clock can disrupt your sleep. Trains passing by your house or the aeroplane landing and take off and shake the whole house and give you a mini heart attack every time. When the agent says you that your house is in the vicinity of an airport or railway station or highway for better connectivity, please check what he means by ‘vicinity’.

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4. High tension electrical lines

The electric lines can pose a potential danger in the rainy season when it looms over your house. They not only look horrifying, in the summer season, the wires expand and drop to the ground level causing a great risk. While we want 24-hour electricity, having the electric lines near your house is not exactly what we wish for.

5. Dumping grounds

Usually, when a land is not occupied in India, it becomes the dumping ground for the nearby houses. The value of the property decreases and no one likes to purchase a house in the contaminated area. The landfills are the cause of many health issues caused by the vectors.

6. Hoardings

The view from the house matters a lot. The luxury home buyers seek a sea facing or mountain facing house. If there are hoardings near your house, they block the view and the property prices depreciate.

These are the elements that you need to avoid while seeking your own house or while looking for a property for investment. You can visit our website or download the app to get the best housing options for you. There are all the details of the property which help you shortlist better. You can also contact us for more details.

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