Selling or buying a house is one of the toughest decisions and so, we are always happy to loop in another experienced person in the process.
This person is known as the realtor or the broker.

A good and professional broker would always close the deal on your terms and get you the perfect house or the perfect buyer for your house. However, like every profession, real estate also witnesses the unethical realtors who always deliver less than the promised.

If you are not careful enough, you can easily be cheated and scammed by such people. There is an option to find the real estate builders in Jaipur online but some people like to do the property search the old school way.

Getting a broker to sell or buy a house is the first step that needs to be taken with a great vigilance. There are some tells and the red flags that can give away the true nature of these people. So, let us see what kinds of the realtors you meet while selling or buying a house.

1. ‘The Big Picture’ RealtorsThe Big Picture’ Realtors
These are the realtors who always over-promise. They set your expectations high and push you to keep the unrealistic prices for your house. The price more than you expected? You will be fascinated with the idea and thus, you instantly like the person. When you do not find the buyer after a long time the house has been on the market, the realtor goes MIA. It is necessary that you keep the expectations realistic and set the right price for your house.

2. ‘Less is More’ Realtors
These are the realtors who believe that you do not need to ‘know it all’. When you are buying a property, they would tell you that the property is a steal at the price without disclosing that the neighbourhood is bad or the house has been a nucleus of the crime in the past.

When you are selling the house, they would advise you to keep certain bad things from the buyers. Well, honesty is the best policy and that goes while property transactions too. The best outcome is certain when you are straightforward with the person you are signing the deal with.

3. ‘Old Car Salesman’ Realtor
Know much about the old car salesman technique?
They are tough people who do not hear No. They are so convincing that they always sell you an old car at their price. Some realtors are so pesky that they would convince you anyhow that this deal is the best one you can get. Expect a lot of calls daily asking if you have taken the decision already. No doubt in the financial competition they have to be closing the deal and go lengths make the sale happen. The thing is they would never reflect that the deal is beneficial for them, they would tell you it’s for your own good.

4. ‘Bait and Switch’ Realtors
You like a house and they ask you to consider one more. These kinds of the realtors show you the house which is off the market. When you have shortlisted one, they would upsell you the houses which are no-doubt better but a little over your budget too. They would keep upselling you until you reach the price you cannot compromise with.

5. ‘Techno-fear’ Realtor
Techno-fear’ RealtorWhen the world is evolving, there are some realtors who are not ready to come out of their cocoon. They are ‘anti-open houses’ and would tell you not to believe what you see on the internet. They have an old phone with no WhatsApp because they think that technology is confusing and no good can come out of it. Instead of showing the 3-D view of the properties on the computer, they would take you to the places to have a personal experience. Well, a physical inspection is good, but visiting so many places? It’s tiring.

Realtors sell more than the houses to people, they sell the dreams. They act as a bridge between two people and help the uninformed. If you are not savvy enough, you can easily end up hiring a trickster. Ask realtors as many questions as you want before hiring him. Some people believe that realtors cost you money, these five kinds of the realtors are exactly who they are talking about.

So, brainstorm a little and hire the one with ethical practices.
Go to the niche real estate sites and find the real estate builders in Jaipur or any area you are planning to settle down. Have some knowledge so no one can cheat you.

If you have sold some property or bought one and came across such realtors, please comment below. Foy any help, start a conversation in the comments section below.

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