India is a synonym to the architectural excellence. While the apartment culture is catching up fast, the old traditional houses can still be seen in some nook and corner which reflect the rich Indian tradition of houses. Their beauty is unmatched. Small elements of these houses set the Indian architecture apart and ahead of the modern tech-friendly houses. India had been under the rule of many rulers and many were the patrons of different style of art. So, different states showcase the designs which are still untouched and preserved. Let us see such dwelling designs from the four corners of the country.

1. The North India (Punjab)

If you are in front of the TV for more than 10 minutes, you probably have seen the Punjabi houses by now. The Tollywood and Bollywood have been showcasing the Punjabi culture since years and still, they are up and running. The state is more than sarso ka saag and makke ki roti or lassi for that matter. The individual houses and the agricultural land mark the unique identity of Punjab. The small courtyard with the pots and plants are the centre of celebrations in the Punjabi houses. A big spacious room with baithak is where all the family members sit together and socialise sitting on the Khats or Chapais. Many houses in the city are interconnected to the next house in line. The houses are generally made up of baked bricks and the walls are painted in neutral colours.
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2. The East India (Kolkata)

The bungalows in Kolkata are the perfect blend of the Indian and European architecture. The large Angans with the Tulsi plant at the centre are common in the colonial houses. The verandah is the hangout places for the old retired people of the house. The living rooms were the distinctive places where the guests were entertained and the bedrooms were built on the opposite side of the living rooms. The multi-storey buildings had the square stairways with the windowed railings. The Corinthian columns carry the essence of the colonial India. The furniture of Kolkata also has a unique identity. The four-poster beds which became famous all over the country originated from Kolkata.

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3. The South India (Tamil Nadu)

The rich south Indian culture can not be explained in some words. Many scholars have written books that speak volume about the traditions of South India. These houses were called the Agrahara which means a garland. The big verandah with the exquisite wooden columns and the terracotta roofs were the luxury only the rich people could afford. They had to take a written permission from the royal house for using such roofs. The floors are red oxide coated and the front doors are big and carved. The bamboo matt sheets were also used as walls. The houses were based on the excellent technique and the building material that kept the house warmer in winters and cooler in summers. They are still such an inspiration for the modern architects.

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4. The West India (Maharashtra)

Wada are the traditional houses of Maharashtra. The chawls were not so dominant there in the old times. The large open courtyards surrounded by the two or three story building set the Maharashtrian architecture apart. The square shaped buildings were much similar to the apartments which accommodate many families except the apartments are lateral and the Wada were square. Peshwas are considered to be bringing such houses in Maharashtra which were inspired by the contemporary architecture from Gujarat and Rajasthan. The roads leading to these houses were smaller and there were no gardens or orchards in these dwellings.
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Many builders are using the themes of these traditional houses in the luxury housing. If you are opting to build the house instead of living in the apartments, go for such the inspirational designs.

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