Mobile means not stable; something that can move freely.
But for most of the people, mobile means convenience. It means music, shopping, games, food, all at the go. You can pretty much do anything with a cell phone and internet connection. Not just browsing but the apps, notifications, location-based services and mobile payments have achieved big on the small screens.

India has always been the forerunner in terms of accepting the new technologies. It contributes to a considerate percentage of global online shoppers. Online shopping is not a new concept but the level of trust that Indians are showing to the e-commerce sites is commendable. From car to real estate, every deal is getting sealed online. And one more fact, a majority of people are preferring mobile phones for browsing as compared to desktops. The ease offered by the apps is considered to be the primary reason behind that. Real estate seekers are thankfully no different. The number of property searches on mobile is increasing and they have left the number of desktop searchers far behind. The stay time on the real estate mobile apps is also more than on the desktop.

Search online Property

Jaipurites are embracing the real estate search on mobile and it has been observed that the growth in the mobile use has increased well beyond 25% in the few years. The time spent on the mobile phones for property browsing has just doubled if not more than that. As compared to the desktop, the property search on the mobile phones has boomed 3 times faster.

Let us see some more facts about property search on mobile phones.

1. The search on mobiles is more on the weekends as, during the weekdays, people are accustomed to working on the desktops in the offices. The effect can be seen in the use of desktop on the working hours of the days too. The property search on the times of work exceeds on the desktop.

2. The female buyers are more active in searching for the properties on mobile phones. They contribute to more than half of the total mobile searches and spend longer time on the sites as compared to men.

What could that mean?

That simply means that when your audience is using the mobile devices, you need to be present there when they search. It is the one thing that is always with us, no matter where we go. Thus, this device can be an anchor to the buyer’s interest and a thread to the effective communication. Since the mobile apps are easier to use, more efforts should be laid on developing a world-class mobile app. In the meantime, the web should be made mobile-friendly and we know that there are additional SEO marks for doing that.

The app notifications should be highly specific catering the immediate needs of the prospects. Needless to say, the mobile experience can be made world-class by speeding up the loading time. The graphics and the 360-degree property view can deliver the right information and make the audience love the app.

Own A Roof has such a great app with the largest Jaipur property database. The app is easy to use and provides the right solution to the property seekers. This is the reason why the app downloads crossed 1K mark in the shortest duration of time. If you are searching for such a property in Jaipur, visit Own A Roof web or download the app.

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